Flower Sea & Scarecrow, early autumn fairy tales

Release time:2017-12-06 16:31:56  Source:Shimen Park

Early autumn, cool wind, the body of the city brought about by the sultry, irritable, turbid wash out, not so refreshing

In the ocean of flowers, surrounded by flowers
You will always be my gaze

one for yourself.

The romance of the family, of course, the family's favorite
The puppy in my arms can't wait to get away
Play with the Bee Butterflies

And on the other side of the Tianchi flower Sea, drunken butterflies, begonia flowers, evergreen, Brazilian wild peony and other flowers full of hillside, flowers of the Scarecrow some seem to indulge in the flowers, some seem to be in the distance to the guests wave ...

Embark on this trip to the early autumn fairy tale, with your company, fairy tales are not just fairy tales.